Frase Photography | About

Robert Frase is a photographer residing in Fort Worth, Texas. He has a love of nature photography and working with black and white. He picked up his first camera and started photography in 2003. After seeing a Large Format camera and what was possible with it, his photographic direction was forever altered. He bought a 4x5 Shen-Hao TZ45II-B camera and began to learn to work and see with Large Format film.  He processes his own film and scans images for digital printing. Robert's main photo interests is Sports photography, portraits, landscapes and Americana. For his landscape work he looks for big dramatic clouds, unique trees, and places out of the past. He frequently travels the back roads of Texas looking for locations that have a story to tell. His work can also be seen in the May/June publication of View Camera Magazine:,  Texas Magazine: Erath County Living, and several websites.  


Digital Cameras Used:  Canon 5D Mark III,  Canon 6D Mark II

Film Camera Used: Shen-Hao TZ45II-B for Large Format 4"x5" Film